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6. 7. 2018


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7. 12. 2017

V posledních týdnech a měsících rezonuje celým dřevozpracujícím a nábytkářským průmyslem jedno společné...

10 000 Kč

We offer signing bonus for the new employees.
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Job description:
Overall technical management of production machines
Regular monitoring technology
Routine maintenance and repairs
Applicant’s profile:
Electro education – Regulation No. 50
Experience with machine maintenance is an advantage
We offer:
Salary: from CZK 25.000-39.900 
Signing bonus at CZK 10.000
Luncheon  vouchers at the amount of CZK 135
Bonuses/premium payments (half year premium payments)
Remuneration for the recomendation of a new employee
Work in 12 hours shift
Fresh fruits for free

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Production Foreman

Job description:
Production manager of up to 60 employees (in conversion)
Management and coordination of the effecient production flow
Monitoring of KPI’s of the employees and their permanent development
Communication with the other company departments (Quality, Logistics, Purchase, Investments)
Reporting of Production Director 
Optimizing and use of machinery with the objective to reach maximum production efficiency and quality
Applicant’s profile:
At least a secondary school education
Experience of team management in a production environment
Organizational skills
Independence, systematic work, and resistence against stress
We offer:
Salary: from CZK 30,000-40,000
Signing bonus at CZK 10,000
Bonuses/premium payments (half year premium payments)
Luncheon vouchers in the amount of CZK 90 Kč – 135
Annual leave up to 25 days
Remuneration for the recommendation of a new employee
Possibility of professional development

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