Corporate values

…common goal, together to reach our goal …

Firemní hodnoty

… common goal, together to reach our goal …
That is why our highest priority is to act and manage the company in accordance with the following principles.

Corporate values

For our products and services, our customers provide us with all tools necessary for the development of BJS Group, satisfaction of our social needs. For this reason, we consider our absolute focus on our customer the only way of BJS Group functioning and developing. Every employee seeks to understand customer objectives and does everything possible to customer satisfaction. When resolving problems, we look at the things through the eyes of our customers; we listen to them and deal with any of their initiatives. Our customers are often members of our team.

For us, the efficient and always the simplest as possible, direct, timely, and true communication and frankness of information transfer between the employees within the company as well as with the external environment is the basis of a non-problematic functioning of all processes and relations in the company. We are sharing the information with our colleagues; we inform each other about our work and news. We listen to each other, respond to the initiatives of the others, and share our opinion with the others.

We all want to feel well at our work. We are therefore creating the environment where the respect to our colleagues at work, to the company as well as to everybody we cooperate with goes without saying. We respect the interests of BJS Group, we understand the interests and problems of our colleagues, and we pay attention to them in the course of our acting and decision making. We explain our positions, decisions, and opinions to the others. We know that we have to keep our word and promises. We follow the rules and competences agreed. We always seek to be objective and we respect the work of another.

We are aware of the fact that the individual person may reach the objectives of BJS Group only with difficulties. For us, cooperation is therefore one of the basic values. We always seek to cooperate as best as possible between each other as well as with our business partners. For us, cooperation is our common interest and goal so we help each other and work in team. We appreciate the efforts of our colleagues to help; we praise success and accept criticism. In BJS, a problem of individual person is the problem of all of us.

Each of us is aware of the fact that good results cannot be reached without fair work. Only the everyday consistent and hard work may result into satisfaction of customer requirements as well as personal needs of every employee of BJS Group. All on what we work, we do comprehensively and with regard to our common goal. We put the willingness to do fair work and learn above other values. We are proactive, always seeking to do more than we have to do.