About the company

The companies BJS Czech s.r.o. and BJS Components s.r.o. are part of the Swedish industrial group BJS Group AB with its roots going back to 1917 when its history started in the town Smålandsstenar in the region Småland.

Video presentation of BJS Group.

We are one of the largest producers of furniture in the Czech Republic

From the very beginning, the group has been specialising in the production of interior furniture while in the recent years, it has been increasingly specialising in the segment of furniture lacquered with pigment lacquers.

The company BJS Czech was registered in the Commercial Register on May 12, 2005, starting its actual production activities in beginning of 2006. Since that time, we have been specialising in the lacquering of furniture components and packing the furniture into the flat cardboard boxes, becoming one of the largest producers of furniture in the Czech Republic.

We use very powerful machinery ensuring maximum efficiency of our production and the required quality. This equipment brings also a high capacity for the lacquering of flat components using a combined technology of roller coating and spraying on the waterborne and UV basis. As we do not work with solvents, we use a technology friendly to environment, improving thereby the working conditions of our employees.

We export the absolute majority of our production to the whole world.

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